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Sobieszewo Island (Sobieszewo) is a district of Gdansk is situated at the mouth of the Wisla River, which divides the city center about 15 km. It is one of three islands Polish coast and the only island in Poland, which is the result of human activity. Was created during the digging of the river Wisla.

In addition, since 1994 Sobieszewo Island has the status of the island green can be found on the Nature Reserve and Bird Paradise Mewia Łacha reserve. Natural and mild microclimate Islands makes it an ideal place to spend your holiday.

Sobieszewo Island is also an interesting place for hikers, bikers, boaters. Amazing landscapes will also find photographers, and interested in history will discover many interesting places such as „Forsterowka”.


80-680 Gdansk-Sobieszewo
ul. Barwna 2
mobile: 604 797 429

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